Finding a GP Clinic in Singapore: A Guide for Expats

If you are an expatriate who has just moved to Singapore, you have no shortage of options for GP clinics for your medical care. As recently as 2015, there were over 12,000 medical practitioners in the city, from family doctors to specialists, to emergency services.

When searching for a general physician clinic in Singapore, there are significant factors to consider. You are most likely looking for a clinic that treats their patients well, and provides excellent medical services, all in welcoming environment. The majority of GP clinics in Singapore are private clinics, but this is not usually an issue for expats, who are not typically covered by public health insurance anyway.

When deciding upon a GP clinic in Singapore, most expats will have first to decide what type of care they prefer: Western Medicine, or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Many different clinics provide high-quality care in both disciplines, so it is merely a matter of choice for you and your family. As a general rule, Western medicine focuses on the specific symptoms of a disease and focuses on treatment of just that particular issue, while Chinese medicine focuses on the overall health of the person first, not only the symptoms. Western medicine tends to separate the disease from the individual’s overall health, while TCM looks at the entire picture encompassing even the spiritual as well as the physical state.

The second consideration (that we mentioned earlier) is whether or not you and your family qualify for the public healthcare system in Singapore. Singapore has a fantastic social security system that provides healthcare to everyone. Unfortunately, this scheme often excludes expats and their families living in the city-state. Fortunately, Singapore ranks highly in standards of quality in both the public and private sector, so finding a quality practice is not an issue.

While most expats do not qualify for public healthcare, the individual’s employer usually provides insurance coverage or can assist the employee in obtaining private coverage. If your employer provides healthcare coverage, make sure to speak with your Human Resources Department about GP clinics that are in your network, or talk to your colleagues about clinics that they recommend. Word-of-mouth is strong in the Singapore expat community, and you will likely be able to find an excellent GP clinic by asking for recommendations from people who have lived here for a while.

If you have just moved to Singapore and are looking for a family physician near you, the Singapore Medical counsel has a search engine that will help you find clinics nearby by directly entering your address. By utilizing tools like this, you can quickly identify the clinics near you, and then follow up by researching reviews, discussing recommendations with other expats, and phoning the clinic to make sure they can accept new patients.

Expats that move to Singapore have many excellent options to choose from when it comes to selecting the right clinic for their general practitioner. Your family’s health is a priority, and seeing a trusted physician on a regular basis can help ensure their continued well-being. General practitioners can provide more than just treatments for sickness; they offer guidance on how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It is important to note that GP clinics are not the right place to turn to for emergencies. If you have newly relocated to Singapore and have a medical emergency, dial 995 for emergency assistance. There is also a 1777 hotline for non-emergency services if you are unable to reach a clinic on your own. Make sure to keep these numbers handy for emergency services, and make sure to find a proper GP clinic as soon as possible for non-emergency treatment.

What makes you a good healthcare worker?

In todays world healthy lifestyle is like an unfulfilled dream. We all seem to have pushed the idea of a healthy living in the oblivion. With the tremendous amount of work pressure, leading a healthy life with a good dose of physical activities (like jogging and exercise) is a farfetched idea. This sedentary lifestyle has a very bad effect on our health. It causes diseases like diseases like heart diseases, cancer and even psychological problems like depression and amnesia. Hormonal imbalances and diabetes are two disorders that are found in every household nowadays. These two are also a result of unhealthy living.

As the age old adage goes, prevention is always better than cure. It has been reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) that in the western part of the world there has been a commendable decrease in prevalence of chronic diseases due to the availability of regular health checkups provided by healthcare providers. The age group from thirty to sixty five, among the working class, seem to be most affected by the diseases that are caused by leading an unhealthy lifestyle. It should be a practice in every country that women from the age of forty and men from the age of thirty five should make it a habit to go to for health checkups every month.

Qualities of a good healthcare provider

Healthcare services are an absolute necessity and crucial for ones wellbeing. Hence it is very important to know who you are going to for a quality healthcare services, who will not treat your health and body as a consumer products from which they can derive profit and thats why people usually stick to their own family doctor singapore . Here is a list of qualities that that you shall find in any good healthcare provider:

A united staff who is all set to collaborate and help you: a good healthcare provider will have staff from varied fields who are skilled in providing both conventional and complementary health services. This set of staff should be united and collaborate with each other so that there is no gap in communication that might affect your wellbeing.

Quality and competence: the staff should maintain a certain level of quality and should be skilled and competent to provide services to different kinds of patients. If they lack in some skills they should be brought up to quality through proper training.

Good infrastructure: amenities play a big role. The healthcare provider must have state of the art equipment for both diagnosis and treatment in order to give the patients the best healing experience.

Affordability: a good healthcare provider will provide all the facilities in an affordable price so that all citizens can afford the services.

Qualities of a good healthcare worker

A stable job in healthcare is a dream for many young people. But healthcare is one field where utmost dedication and quality is an uncompromising factor. To be a good healthcare professional there are some qualities that a person must have:

A keen eye for details: a healthcare professional is assigned to do a wide array of tasks like assessment, diagnosis, medication, treatment, documentation. In order to successfully complete these tasks one musyt have an eye for details

Good interpersonal skills: the healthcare nexus as to communicate with each other for seamless service to patients, hence there must be good interpersonal skills so that there is no dearth of communication among healthcare professionals.

Flexibility: there is nothing called a fixed working hour in a healthcare set up. Any moment an emergency situation might come up. Hence healthcare professionals must be flexible.

Emotional stability: healthcare units are not one of the most pleasant places to work. Almost every day you encounter pain and illness. Hence you must be prepared emotionally to deal with emotional stress.

FAGE USA TV SPOTS – Are Beautiful

I didn’t see the new TV Spots for FAGE USA on TV. Rather, the 48 second spot entitled “Total Plain Extraordinary™” appeared in my You Tube suggestions as a promoted video. If you go to the FAGE USA Website there is a link that says “Watch The TV Spots”. Besides their smart use of digital media, the yogurt company has chosen to work with Mullen, an ad agency with very talented creatives. I don’t have much else to say about the spots other then they are tremendously well art-directed, and the copywriting is spectacular. I’ll let you see for yourself. You also might notice that the poem is voiced by actor Willem Dafoe, who recently acted in and narrated a great Jim Beam spot for Strawberry Frog.

As for FAGE, I am a huge fan of the product. The yogurt is the thick, Greek kind. It’s great-tasting, healthy, and extremely versatile. I also support the company because in 2008 they opened a U.S production facility in Johnstown, NY, which is near my hometown. It is definitely an area that has seen its better days when it comes to manufacturing, but the baby food company Beech-Nut also recently moved its manufacturing and corporate operations to the small town of Florida, NY, the town I grew up in. Perhaps the Mohawk Valley can become a hot bed for food and CPG companies, but that is probably wishful thinking.

How To Make The Morning Drive Less Painful

When my wife took a new job in Newark, NJ recently, I started driving in with her and then taking the train into Manhattan from Newark Penn Station. This has awarded us some decent quality time together, despite the fact that we are usually both slightly grumpy as we sit in traffic. There is one thing on the radio that never fails to make us laugh, and that’s the Scott & Todd morning show on New York’s 95.5 PLJ. Well, as of Monday, it’s The Todd Show now. Todd’s personality is our favorite, but we were very sad to see Scott retire.

Despite the fact that we love the show so much, we find ourselves switching the channel at times to Elvis Duran or anything else. Why?  The commercials are so incredibly painful; who wants to spend their precious downtime listening to them? From time to time Scott & Todd have done live reads, or pre-recorded spots, and we will typically listen to those. But they are relatively boring as well.

I come from the print and digital publishing business, where sponsored content – or native advertising – is all the rage. With sponsored articles, an advertiser is able to join the conversation in a natural way, as opposed to a banner ad or something else that is meant to interrupt the experience. Branded content has also been popping up more and more on TV recently, but it’s not something that radio programs are offering to their partners. Every once in awhile you might hear the traffic reporter say something along the lines of, “This traffic report is brought to you by Auto Zone, get in the zone,” but that’s about it. I can’t help to imagine the opportunities for branded content on the radio.

Here are some ideas that would bring value to the morning drive:

1.) Get a brand to buy an entire commercial break. How amazing would it be to hear the morning radio show host say, “We are not going to a commercial break, thanks to our friends at Starbucks we are going to have a coffee break. In the studio with us is a team of baristas to give a quick update on what’s going on at your neighborhood Starbucks.”

2.) Allow a brand to sponsor a specific segment. For instance, “Today’s phone scam is presented by Geico, 15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on your car insurance. We are going to call Gloria, her husband let us know that on her way to work yesterday someone rear-ended her. We are going to pretend to be the guy’s insurance company – True Blue Auto Insurance. Yeah, it’s no Geico.”

3.) Let a brand sponsor an original segment. You could record a day in the life of the host, or create a new interview series with famous athletes or even little league baseball players, or have an open mic segment for listeners – America’s got talent via the radio. It would be a way for a brand to align themselves with content that they know their target would find interesting.

Local radio is facing steep competition from streaming services, but at the same time if they have a good enough product they can use the technology to their advantage by picking up a global listener following.

In this multi-platform, always-on world we are living in, radio is one of the few mediums left where you nearly have someone’s full attention. Radio executives, if you are reading this, I don’t expect you to follow all of my advice, but please try to be a little more creative when it comes to advertising. And stop playing crap music!

Unheard In NY Project

This is a really interesting project that came across my Twitter feed. A group of interns from the ad agency BBH are helping homeless NYers gain a voice through Twitter. They started out by giving four men pre-paid cell phones and instructed them how to “Tweet” with them.

I think this is a very admirable thing to do for the homeless. Sometimes we take for granted how lucky we are to be empowered with digital tools. Technology like Facebook and Twitter allows us to get our points across, express ourselves, and socialize with others. We can turn to our social networks for advice on life’s decisions, whether they be small or large, for garnering support when we need it most, and for receiving congratulations when things are going well. People don’t have the time to stop and interact with homeless people on the street or in Penn Station, but for those who do have an interest in doing so Twitter allows homeless people to have a less intrusive voice and lets people socialize with them when it is most convnient.

Check out their first You Tube video, and follow the four men @jessie550 @putodanny @awitness2011 and @albert814 or the main Twitter account @underheardinNY.

You know my methods, Watson.

As a fan of Jeopardy, I was happy to learn that on February 14th, a supercomputer named Watson that was designed by IBM, will be competing against Jeopardy Champions – Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings. What is being considered IBM’s most ambitious foray into deep analytics and natural language processing, began back in 2007.

In this video, Dr. John E. Kelly III, Senior Vice President and Director of IBM Research says, “We decided that we needed to build a system that could extract knowledge at a must faster rate from enormous amounts of data than human beings or any other computer system could do.”

Could we as Account Planners be competing with computers in the future?