FAGE USA TV SPOTS – Are Beautiful

I didn’t see the new TV Spots for FAGE USA on TV. Rather, the 48 second spot entitled “Total Plain Extraordinary™” appeared in my You Tube suggestions as a promoted video. If you go to the FAGE USA Website there is a link that says “Watch The TV Spots”. Besides their smart use of digital media, the yogurt company has chosen to work with Mullen, an ad agency with very talented creatives. I don’t have much else to say about the spots other then they are tremendously well art-directed, and the copywriting is spectacular. I’ll let you see for yourself. You also might notice that the poem is voiced by actor Willem Dafoe, who recently acted in and narrated a great Jim Beam spot for Strawberry Frog.

As for FAGE, I am a huge fan of the product. The yogurt is the thick, Greek kind. It’s great-tasting, healthy, and extremely versatile. I also support the company because in 2008 they opened a U.S production facility in Johnstown, NY, which is near my hometown. It is definitely an area that has seen its better days when it comes to manufacturing, but the baby food company Beech-Nut also recently moved its manufacturing and corporate operations to the small town of Florida, NY, the town I grew up in. Perhaps the Mohawk Valley can become a hot bed for food and CPG companies, but that is probably wishful thinking.

Unheard In NY Project

This is a really interesting project that came across my Twitter feed. A group of interns from the ad agency BBH are helping homeless NYers gain a voice through Twitter. They started out by giving four men pre-paid cell phones and instructed them how to “Tweet” with them.

I think this is a very admirable thing to do for the homeless. Sometimes we take for granted how lucky we are to be empowered with digital tools. Technology like Facebook and Twitter allows us to get our points across, express ourselves, and socialize with others. We can turn to our social networks for advice on life’s decisions, whether they be small or large, for garnering support when we need it most, and for receiving congratulations when things are going well. People don’t have the time to stop and interact with homeless people on the street or in Penn Station, but for those who do have an interest in doing so Twitter allows homeless people to have a less intrusive voice and lets people socialize with them when it is most convnient.

Check out their first You Tube video, and follow the four men @jessie550 @putodanny @awitness2011 and @albert814 or the main Twitter account @underheardinNY.